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Stephenville ISD | CIRCE

Welcome to Circe, an officially licensed provider of Stephenville High School products, which currently includes jewelry and stainless-steel drinkware.
Founded in 1889, Stephenville High School has been a cornerstone of the Stephenville, Texas community for over a century. Our history is one of resilience, growth, and achievement, where we have produced countless leaders, scholars and athletes who have gone on to make a positive impact on the world.
At Circe, we honor those traditions with our collection of beautifully crafted stainless-steel jewelry and high-quality stainless-steel drinkware, with each piece carefully designed to reflect the spirit of the Yellowjackets and Honeybees! We uphold the same standards of excellence in our products as Stephenville High School does in their educational pursuits. Our jewelry and drinkware are built to last. Whether you are a current student, parent, family member, alumnae, faculty member or a fan in our community, the Circe|Stephenville High School line of products allow you to proudly display your affiliation and support of this wonderful institution! Join us at Circe and celebrate Stephenville High School’s deep history and inspiring a bright future for
generations of students to come. Shop now and wear and use your Yellowjacket and Honeybee items with pride and honor!

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