The Fine Print for Handle Tumblers

-Made from a powder coated stainless steel.

-Cup includes a straw, silicone padded handle, and silicone padded lid.

-These cups are offered in a 30 or 40 fluid ounce capacity.

-These cups are top rach dishwasher safe. Engraved surfaces should not be allowed to remain in prolonged contact with water as they can rust. Be sure to properly dry your cup after washing.

-The cups keep drinks cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 6 hours.

- Logos are applied with a laser engraver or with a non-removable 3D decal. Lasered logos can be shiny (metallic in nature) or they can change the color of powdercoating to reveal the design. All color logos are a non-removable 3D decal. 

-These cups have a production time of 3-5 business days prior to shipping.